Kill monsters, dominate the world and become a public enemy (ok, I´m only joking)


 1. One of my dream´s to become an important politician.
When I´m watching TV, there are always silly people telling lies, and they´re those who rule the country. I think it´s so sad, because to be a politician is a very important job. So I want to be a politician because I want to change the situation of the country.
2. Another thing that I adore is  writing. It´s a nice form we have to express deep feelings and to comunicate our thoughts, and I want to do it.
3. I love knowing cultures and customs, so I wan to travel all around the world, specially to La India, I think it would be so great.
4. I would like to live in Norway cause once, when I was a child, I saw a documentary about this country and I fell in love with it.
It´s a very nice place, and it´s very respectful with the environment.
5. The last thing I would like to do before dying is not jump in parachute but to change the common thinking about politicians.

Paula Flores Estefanía 1ºBacharelato

Esta entrada é unha mostra dunha publicación de traballo de redación  colectivo no que participou o alumnado de diferentes grupos. O blog do alumnado onde se publican os contidos aquí.


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