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This is the interview that the students in the bilingual section made with Lydiana Abbott  and the music teacher David Barros.

Esta é a entrevista que lle fixeron @s alumnos da sección bilingüe de 3º de música do profesor David Barros á nosa auxiliar de conversa.

Double click please!″

Hello we are students from Ribeira do Louro, today we´re going to interview Lydiana in this radio programme.

Lydiana is a girl from England, she came to our school to help us with our English.

_Hello Lydiana


_Where are you from in England?

_I´m from a town close to London, called Milton-Keynes

_Now, we are going to ask you about your musical interests, so… do you play any instrument?

_No,  I don´t play any instrument, when I was younger I tried to learn the piano but it was too difficult and I did a lot of singing, errr singing lessons.

_What kind of music do you like?

_I like all kinds of music and I listen to… Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, listen to a lot of hip hop and rap and R&B.

_So now you are listening to Lucy in the sky with diamonds by The Beatles.

_The Beatles is the most famous British group but… who´s your favourite singer?

_Mmm… my favourite Singer is probably Michael Jackson.

_You said you liked singing but…. Do you like dancing too?

_Yeah, I do, when I was younger I did a lot of ballet and contemporary dance but I prefer singing.

_Now, we are going to ask you about British education. How many hours do the students go to school in England?

_Usually about 7 to 8 hours a day. We start school at 8:30 and we finish at about 16:00, yeah.

_How many hours of music lessons do you have per week?

_At school, it depends, when they are younger about two and when they are 16 maybe about four.

_Do students play any instruments in the music classroom?

_Errr it depends, when they are younger the recorder and there´s a lot of singing as well, and the piano.

_Are there any musical performances?

_Yes, there are musical performances every year, maybe two or three times, eh yeah!

_Thank you for coming and we hope you´ll enjoy your Spanish experience.

_Oh thank you very much!


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