A historia dunha muller á que como tantas outras lle roubaron o seu pequeno :

“I did not abandon my child, he was taken from me”

E aquí tedes unha entrevista á verdadeira Philomena:

“I can´t get the island out of my mind”

Unha historia moi emotiva : Mike Carney é a derradeira persoa viva que naceu e viviu nas illas Blasket. Neste video Mike visita de novo e por última vez a illa Great Blasket. As illas Blasket foron abandoadas para sempre no ano 1953.

I can´t get the island our of my mind, it´s part of me now, it has grown within me, I even dream about it.

My father gave  me the last five shillings he had in his pockets and he said: “Mike, I hate to see you going but to have a beginning someone´s got to leave… take good care of yourself, always look ahead of you and whatever you say or whatever you do, make sure you do it right”